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Simon Curtis, UK, 2011
with Michelle Williams, Eddie Redmayne c6.9

The year is 1956 and Marilyn Monroe is in Great Britain to shoot her first self-produced film alongside Laurence Olivier. Also on the set is young Oxford graduate Colin Clark, who wants to get into showbussiness as an assistant director. He gets the chance to travel across Britain alone with Marilyn Monroe. Far from the sets, he gets to know the world star from his personal and vulnerable side.

Jasmila Zbanic, Bosnia And Herzegovina 2020, 101' c8.0
Tarzan Nasser, Palestinian Territories 2019, 87' c6.8


New in the Flatrate

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Daniel Scheinert, 2022 c8.2

Laundromat owner Evelyn Wang is lost in the chaos of her everyday life. The trip to the tax office is unavoidable, but while she and her family are visiting the tax inspector, her universe is completely shaken up. Space and time dissolve, and the people around her, like herself, suddenly have other lives in parallel worlds. She discovers that she can access the abilities and lives of other versions of herself. This is sorely needed, as she is entrusted with a great mission: saving the world from unknown evil.

Sebastián Borensztein, 2011 c7.3

Roberto runs a hardware store and is a notorious loner who lets nothing and no one get too close to him. But then Jun bursts into his boring life and completely turns it upside down. Jun doesn't speak a word of Spanish and has just arrived in Argentina. Reluctantly, Roberto takes the Chinese boy under his wing to smooth his start in a new life.

The Joy of Music

Six films about talent, stars and the thrill of making music.

Etienne Comar, 2017
How the king of gipsy jazz dealt with the Nazi occupation of France.
Inside Llewyn Davis
Joel Coen, Ethan Coen, 2013
In 1961 Greenwich Village, a folk musician makes his way as oddball as he is touching.
Wild Rose
Tom Harper, 2019
A talented singer seeks success in Glasgow with country music, of all things.
Rupert Goold, 2019
The last London concert series and the last long affair of Judy Garland before she disappeared in the alcohol fog.
Damien Chazelle, 2014
A jazz school and a tough-as-nails teacher who nearly breaks a talented young drummer.
Valérie Lemercier, 2020
A powerful biopic about the childhood and early career of hit machine Céline Dion.
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